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Our virtual Singapore Math® is a complete curriculum in K-5

Created in Singapore by the publisher of Primary Mathematics and Math in Focus
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Introducing E-Singapore Math®

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Introducing ESM

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  • Visualize numbers
    Visualize numbers
  • Solve word problems
    Solve word problems
  • Do mental math
    Make & break numbers

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Elevate your student’s academic achievement

The strong number sense instilled by using E Singapore Math over time leads to firm understanding of place value, pattern recognition, problem types, and life-long retention of math facts. Teachers find their students mastering math concepts in-depth and developing transferable skills.

Improve test scores & reduce fear of math

By shifting the focus of instruction from pure memorization to visualization of numbers and organization of information with models, the program helps students make sense of what they’ve learned. Retention of math facts comes to students naturally, thereby freeing learners from anxiety and fear of math disappears over time.

Each progressive lesson shows students how to overcome successive challenges and helps building self-confidence, paving the path to achievement that leads to improved test scores.

  • Classroom Instruction
    Classroom Instruction
  • Professional Development
    Professional Development
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What our customers are saying

  • K
    Kathy L.
    Highly recommended. It is ideal for students who are struggling and for those who want to excel in mathematics. The program reinforces what my [kids] learn in public school, making math concepts easier to understand. I believe that their grades are higher because of it.
    31 March 2021
  • J
    Jane M.
    The program is very hands-on. It allows students to think like detectives versus robots.
    16 March 2021
  • P
    Pam C.
    The program has significantly improved my teaching. It is well thought-out, thorough, and very easy to use.
    27 February 2021
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