Singapore Math Placement Test

Our Singapore Math placement tests are free. These tests cover all of the important concepts and skills taught in prior grades. Educators can use the test questions to measure a student’s level of readiness prior to her starting learning new material in each grade level. A placement test should be used as a summative assessment that helps measure student’s cumulative knowledge acquired in a prior grade level, uncover gaps, and establish learning goals.

Educators can also use the placement tests as assessment tools in teaching Singapore Mathematics to provide timely intervention to students in Grades 1-5. Teachers can assess if students require intervention in specific skills, procedures or problem-solving by examining specific test questions where students made mistakes. The Singapore Math placement tests also allow educators to diagnose whether students require minimal intervention in one specific content area or intense intervention in multiple content areas from prior grades. After that, educators can use the CPA pedagogy to cover gaps using appropriate intervention resources.


Format of the test questions includes multiple choice, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, and others. The placement tests are assignable as homework only to students who have accounts on the platform. When assigned to students, these tests are auto-graded and educators are given a detailed analysis of the test results.


It’s recommended that a Singapore Math placement test online be completed in one seating and unlike administering standardized testing, you should allow your child sufficient time to finish the assessment. For the Singapore Math Grade 1 placement test you should allow about 25 to 30 minutes to complete the test. For Grade 2 placement test allow 30 to 40 minutes. For Grade 3 placement test budget for about 45 minutes. For Grade 4 placement test allow 45 minutes to one hour. For Grade 5 placement test budget for about one hour.


Generally, a score of 80% or higher on a Singapore Math placement test means that your student has sufficient depth of knowledge acquired in a prior grade. She or he is ready to begin learning new content. However, the test score is not the only factor in deciding in what grade to place your student. Educators should consider how students worked the test questions and where they made mistakes.

For example, in taking a Singapore Math homeschool placement test in grade 5, a student might do well on all computation questions but make mistakes on test questions involving word problems with fractions. That could indicate gaps in knowledge of both bar modeling strategies and fractions that were taught in Singapore Math grade level 4. In this case, while a student can start with Singapore Math grade 5, educators can find the relevant lessons to fill knowledge gaps in Singapore Math grade level 4 or, if necessary, go back to Singapore Math grade 3 to fill the uncovered gaps.