Singapore Math Online Professional Development

ESM offers comprehensive Singapore Math professional development for K-5 teachers. We offer a variety of online seminars and workshops that will both introduce educators to the curriculum and also help them teach even the most challenging topics in this program. Our professional development is thoughtfully designed to create meaningful learning experiences that help educators to fully use their Singapore Math resources and immediately implement authentic problem-solving strategies in their classrooms.

Goals and objectives

The overarching goal of our Singapore Math teacher training is to help teachers create engaging math lessons for their students that focus on problem-solving and support learners of different levels of ability. We engage educators in meaningful pedagogical content tasks and provide necessary time to examine mathematical concepts in depth. The social aspect of the Constructivist concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) pedagogy is very important and we aim to maintain that element in all of our Singapore Math workshops for teachers.

Our Singapore Math training online is interactive and provides educators with multiple opportunities to engage in discussions with their instructor and peers. We offer high quality mathematics content that includes videos and relevant readings, effective learning tasks, and encourages collaboration among peers and instructor.

Benefits of Singapore Math training online

  • Designed to accommodate your busy schedule – learn only 10-15 min per day
  • Convenient 24/7 access – learn on your schedule anytime

Singapore Math training online helps teachers and schools overcome the rigid schedule of traditionally structured professional development that is given at a specific place and time. We recognize that this is often not feasible due to the demands of teachers work and life schedules.

Educators who attend our seminars learn how to present lessons from Singapore-based programs. We use examples from all major Singapore texts that are currently available in print and online. Teachers explore problem-solving strategies, virtual manipulatives and other online resources for developing students’ fact fluency skills. Educators learn practical strategies for assessment, unit planning, and providing support and enrichment. Activities incorporate carefully selected pedagogical content tasks and engaging and interactive discussions.

Topics for Singapore Math Teacher Training

  • Intro to Singapore Math in K-5
  • How to teach Singapore Math online in K-5
  • Essentials in K-2
  • Fact Fluency in K-2
  • Number sense in K-5
  • Solving problems with bar models in Gr. 1-5


  • Watching videos
  • Engaging in group discussions with the instructor and peers
  • Readings
  • Completing assignments (optional)
  • Reflections at the end of each unit and course