e-Singapore Math Professional Development Online

eSM offers a comprehensive professional development program that will both introduce teachers to the Singapore Math curriculum and help them teach challenging topics in this program. The teacher training program is thoughtfully designed to create meaningful learning experiences online that promote deep learning over time. This type of professional development offers educators high quality mathematics content, effective learning tasks and encouraging collaboration among peers and instructor.


  • Convenient 24/7 access - learn on your schedule anytime
  • Designed to accommodate your busy schedule – learn only 10-15 min per day

eSM teacher training helps teachers and schools overcome the rigid schedule of the traditionally structured professional development that is given at a specific place and time that are often not feasible for many teachers due to the demands of both work schedule and life.

Topics for Singapore Math Teacher Training

  • Intro to Singapore Math in K-5
  • How to teach Singapore Math online in K-5
  • Essentials in K-2
  • Fact Fluency in K-2
  • Number sense in K-5
  • Solving problems with bar models in Gr. 1-5


  • Watching videos
  • Engaging in group discussions with the instructor and peers
  • Readings
  • Completing assignments (optional)
  • Reflections at the end of each unit and course