Practice to Mastery

Take advantage of over 30,000 exercises & tests

  • Assisted practice
  • Benchmark practice
  • Games
  • Bar modeling
  • Pre- and post-assessments
  • Unit and grade tests

Develop problem solving skills

In math, as in life, students learn by problem solving. eSM’s online program supports students’ mastery of mathematical problem solving and then drives the learning home by offering sets of questions designed to reinforce what your students have learned. By answering our problem sets, the knowledge developed is reinforced in your students' brain, enhancing retention and achieving true mastery of each topic.

With knowledge comes confidence

Mastery brings confidence and pride. Imagine how your students’ confidence will soar after completing the eSM problem sets. Assessments will show how student performance is measurably improved. In addition to deepening their knowledge base, working on their eSM questions exercises students’ brains. Improved performance and brain exercise are things you and your students can all be proud of.