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E Singapore Math® Reviews

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  • K
    Kristen Schmidt
    Thank you for all of your help!! We have really enjoyed using the E-Singapore Math program for the 3rd grade and I expect to use it for 4th grade next year as well!!!
    08 April 2024
  • N
    Nina Justamante
    My son is in 3rd grade and he uses Dimensions at school. I subscribed to your program myself and I do believe it is helping him!
    11 January 2024
  • J
    Jill Silberman
    I teach fourth grade and I'm using the Adaptive Learning pathway, exclusively. I really enjoy the adaptability of the program and that each student is working at their own level and pace.
    11 December 2023
  • A
    Amanda Heasley
    Brilliant! We are starting to get the hang of it and I really quite like it. Love the way we manipulate numbers in different ways.
    12 January 2024
  • D
    Danielle Reid
    I tried the trial version of the program and my child loved it!
    01 January 2024
  • K
    Kelsey Aeschliman
    We purchased the ESingapore program for homeschooling my 7 year old daughter and we are LOVING it. I have three others under three at home, so I am so appreciating that she can learn her lessons straight on the computer, vs me trying to sit down and explain it to her. And she is really enjoying the games.
    01 December 2023