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E Singapore Math® Reviews

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  • M
    Melissa Durfey
    We are so excited to get started with ESingapore! I never heard about the program until I came across a review on YouTube. It looks like it may be exactly what I'm looking for 😀
    07 November 2023
  • M
    Monica Anderson
    WOW, thanks for the amazing customer service- I'm exceptionally impressed!
    15 April 2023
  • T
    Trina Taylor
    I already have two children using (and loving) the Adaptive Learning program. I’ll be adding another child to my existing Platinum membership. It's totally fine with me if that third child's access "begins" and ends at the same time as the other children's because I plan on using this program for numerous years. Thanks!
    03 March 2023
  • L
    Laura Dameron
    I really love the ability to see what my kids are working on and for how long!! Today I was able to see their actual study time and ensure they give a full 30 mins!
    04 November 2023
  • A
    Anna Pope
    I have bought your program for my daughters (four years old and six years old). My six years old daughter is loving it - Woohoo! We live in Australia. Thank you!
    21 March 2023
  • C
    Corey Graham
    We are going to press head on with Singapore math again. Our son loves your program.
    18 January 2023