Teaching Singapore Math

Are you new to Singapore Math?

Teaching Singapore Math can be very challenging, especially for teachers who are new to the curriculum. The good news is that our instructional video tutorials can help educators to teach Singapore Math right away. Some of the benefits of these instructional tutorials include giving educators clear step-by-step guidance for teaching mathematical concepts, saving time in lesson planning, complementing and, in some cases, even replacing the Singapore Math teacher guide.

Singapore Math training

We highly recommend for schools and teachers to receive training prior to implementing a Singapore Math curriculum. The good news is that we offer a comprehensive Professional Development program that covers everything that teachers need to know for a successful implementation. Our training includes all essential and advanced topics of the curriculum, including CPA, number sense, bar modeling, fractions, and others. The program contains a variety of Singapore Math training videos, activities, and content from the program-based texts, including numerous examples from the Singapore Math teacher guide and other readings.

Professional Development that accommodates your busy schedule

All of our professional Singapore Math courses are interactive and are designed to help teachers create engaging math instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners and honors all the essentials of the program in a virtual environment. A major benefit of our program is that our Singapore Math training online is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of modern educators and provides adequate time for learning. Teachers can learn on their schedules from anywhere they have internet access, 24/7, and it only takes 15 minutes a day!

Singapore Math teacher

It’s interesting to note that the success of the Singapore model is in large part attributed to the strong teacher training, the high quality of instructional materials and the collaborative learning environments the program fosters. In primary school, a typical Singapore Math teacher focuses the learning process on visualization in the context of problem solving as opposed to mere memorization of facts. While focusing instruction on problem-based learning (PBL) could be challenging for many teachers, even in small group settings, it’s noteworthy that a Singapore Math teacher manages to engage in PBL despite having about 40 students in her or his classroom, which is considered a normal class size. That’s another reason why we highly recommend for educators to receive our training prior to implementing the curriculum for the first time and for schools to provide Professional Development to teachers after the adoption of the program.