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Top curriculum – research based and time-tested

Singapore Math® is a research based, proven, and time-tested curriculum that helps every student raise her mathematical level. The international benchmark studies, TIMSS and PISA, consistently rank the Singapore curriculum at the top of world rankings for the last 25 years.

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Invigorated with personalized learning

Invigorated with personalized learning, this award-winning program now helps students learn at exactly their level and at their own pace. The curriculum reflects the latest developments in online adaptive learning and adaptive learning technology in education.

The only personalized Singapore Math program

Rooted in over 10 years of research and development, Singapore Math adaptive learning is the most personalized and effective Singapore Math program available. The curriculum is managed on the modern adaptive learning lms that provides for deeply personalized learning and helps every student succeed in math.

E-Singapore Math is the only truly personalized Singapore Math curriculum. Textbooks and e-books are unable to customize learning or become adaptive learning programs because they are limited in what they can provide students beyond static pages. Read more about why E-Singapore Math is better than textbooks.

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How Singapore Math adaptive learning works

The first step is to figure out what topics children already know. Each child begins a learning journey with some unique and already acquired knowledge. Some young learners are more advanced while others may have knowledge gaps that need to be filled.

The adaptive learning program administers a diagnostic assessment. It then creates a unique learning path where students learn at exactly their level and on their schedule. Next, the program provides plenty of practice to help students master each new topic and retain more information.

Mastery-based learning

E-Singapore Math is expertly designed to help your child achieve mastery of every concept at every level and grade. After administering a diagnostic assessment, which determins baseline knowledge, the adaptive learning curriculum guides young learners through lessons and provides practice, fun games, and positive feedback to help students fully develop their new skills and achieve mastery.

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Positive feedback

Singapore Math adaptive learning is smartly scaffolded to provide support and motivation for young learners. The program acknowledges learning progress and provides students positive feedback that they deserve.

Rich instructional resources

From engaging video tutorials with step-by-step problem explanations to assisted practice and motivational games, educators can rely on E-Singapore Math’s instructional tools to provide whole-class instruction and meaningful practice or independent and at-home learning.

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A wide variety of practice

The adaptive learning curriculum provides 3 types of practice sets: assisted practice, benchmark practice, and gamified practice. The assisted practice exercises provide scaffolds, extra support, more visuals and guidance to help students acquire new skills.

The benchmark practice exercises follow assisted practice and provide students with on-level practice to reinforce the newly learned concepts. Games provide even more practice and often assure that students acquired and mastered new skills.

Games that support instruction

The math adaptive learning games provide students with engaging practice in a fun environment. Unlike other vendors that create unfocused games that result in mindless practice of facts, Singapore Math games are connected to previously learned topics. These games were purposefully designed to complement high quality instruction with targeted practice for many topics in K-5.

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Effective remediation an enrichment

The curriculum follows up an initial diagnostics to adopt to each child’s level of readiness. The adaptive learning program also tracks student progress based on topics, lessons, units, and grades. As students make steady academic progress, the program provides students with the right sequence of lessons, which prevents straggling learners from being overwhelmed and frustrated and advanced learners from being bored.

Learning at their own pace

The adaptive learning platform tracks each student’s interaction with the curriculum and assesses progress and time spent learning new content. The program makes periodic suggestions for young learners to take a break, so every child can progress at the pace that works for that individual child.

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developing metacognitive thinking

Learning and metacognitive thinking

The instructional resources include metacognitive activities such as check-the-answer activities at the end of most instructional tutorials. This activity prompts students to think about their thought process: to think more deeply about problem solving strategies they’ve just learned or to rethink their strategies that may be inferior or are not be working.

Goal-driven learning process

The program applies gamified experience to show the student’s progress on a circle chart. The circle is divided into smaller slices according to the major topics. The adaptive program motivates children to practice more, to master the current topic, and to progressively fill the entire circle.

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Superior curriculum with proven pedagogy

The adaptive learning program is based on the curriculum approved by the Singapore’s MOE. All instructional resources were all developed by the experts in Singapore with decades of collective classroom and research experience.

The learning cycle, including the CPA pedagogy, teaching, learning, practicing, scaffolding, enrichment, and remediation work harmoniously on the adaptive e learning platform to personalize learning and help young learners the best results.

Consistently high-quality math instruction

The adaptive learning mathematics lessons and instruction are consistently high at every level and grade. The instructional resources are designed to follow the CPA learning sequence to ensure students gradually develop problem-solving ability and acquire math skills at all levels.

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Powerful reports

The reports and analytics are color-coded and they are easy-to-use. They provide educators and parents with real-time insight into student progress. Educators can examine reports in 3 levels of depth: overall progress, by topic/chapter/unit, and by lesson. Also, teachers can see how their classes are performing and what the majority understands or where children are stuck. Educators can use the topic-level detail to adjust instructional focus.

Actionable analytics

E-Singapore Math shows exactly what each student understands from day one. With this information, educators can quickly pinpoint students who might be misplaced or who need extra help. Educators can examine learning rates to use class time more effectively.

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Singapore textbook series

Aligned to the most popular Singapore textbooks

E-Singapore Math’s curriculum is aligned to the most popular Singapore textbook series: Primary Mathematics, Dimensions Math, and Math in Focus. For any topic, any chapter, educators can turn to E-Singapore Math for the content they’ll need to provide their students with teaching, practice, games, review, catch-up or enrichment.

Aligned to all State Standards

The Singapore Math adaptive curriculum is fully aligned to all State Standards, Next Generation and Common Core - all in an engaging and motivating teaching and learning environment. For any standard, educators can turn to E-Singapore Math for the content they need to help their students learn, practice and achieve mastery in mathematics.

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