Singapore Math for homeschool

If you’re homeschooling Singapore Math with your children and looking for the best curriculum or a top resource to supplement your existing program, you’ve come to the right place. Our Singapore Math for homeschool program is a full, rigorous and coherent math curriculum for elementary school that covers all concepts from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Our virtual program is authentic and it was developed by top teachers and professional development providers in Singapore, based on the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) pedagogy and curriculum approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Proven track record

Success of the Singapore Math model of teaching primary mathematics is largely attributed to focusing the learning process on both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency, not mere memorization of facts. In accordance with the model, our homeschool Singapore Math curriculum does exactly that, it balances conceptual understanding with procedural fluency. Our online lessons teach students “why” procedures work before asking young learners to practice and memorize facts.

International benchmark studies consistently show that Singaporean students who use this method of learning mathematics consistently achieve top rankings and develop math mastery in primary mathematics, as shown by TIMSS and PISA’s data that was derived in the last 25 years.

Solving challenges of teaching Singapore Math

Homeschooling Singapore Math can be very challenging, especially if math is not your favorite subject. Even if you like math, teaching this program can be frustrating because many parents were taught math differently during their schooling years. Good teaching was synonymous with practice, drilling and memorization of facts. Even today some math programs and teachers focus their instruction on developing procedural fluency without explaining why those procedures work. However, research shows that while knowing basic math facts and procedures are important, focusing teaching exclusively on procedural fluency rarely helps students make sense of math, achieve long-lasting mastery or develop problem-solving abilities.

Benefits for homeschooling parents

One of the main benefits of our Singapore Math program for homeschool is that parents can leave teaching math entirely to our virtual curriculum. Our Singapore Math program is a full curriculum that consists of over 1,000 online lessons and 30,000 problem sets that cover every unit and topic in K-5. In every grade, our curriculum includes a placement test, instructional video tutorials, assisted practice, benchmark practice, challenging exercises, and pre- and post- assessments for every topic and unit in every grade. Our online lessons engage students with math content and provide a proven and time-tested approach to learning and appreciating math. You can be confident that your child will be on the road to achieving math mastery in school and in life.

Are you new to the Singapore Math method?

If parents are new to this method of teaching mathematics but still want to do the teaching themselves, then our online lessons can serve as the Singapore Math for parents teaching guide. Our short instructional tutorials save parents time, and reduce or eliminate the frustrating experiences of going through lesson plans and learning pedagogy from a book. By simply viewing our lessons, parents can quickly get up to speed with the program, see how to teach each lesson, and then in turn instruct their children.

Our program can also prepare parents for properly teaching the most challenging or even unfamiliar mathematical concepts such as bar modeling, fractions or mental math problems. Whether parents are homeschooling Singapore Math and using the program as the core math curriculum or not, our resource can help young learners build a solid math foundation.