20 Reasons Why Virtual Singapore Math is Better than Textbooks

Benefits of using E-Singapore Math
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E-Singapore Math Wins Out Over Textbooks

The major benefit of using E-Singapore Math is the abundance of technological features that simply don't exist in the Singapore Math in-print textbooks. Textbooks are limited in what they can provide students beyond numbers, words and images on a page.

Today, the majority of students and adults are using iPads, Chrome books and other hand-held devices. As the popularity of tablets increases, many educators, parents and students are switching from textbooks to online learning. With its abundance of technological features, E-Singapore Math enables students to switch from textbooks to online learning of Singapore Math.

Our virtual curriculum provides students with a fun and interactive way to learn Singapore Math and gives teachers freedom to customize with options that make online math learning a great alternative over the more traditional textbook-based learning. In fact, some believe that learning Singapore Math online should replace learning textbooks entirely.  

20 Reasons Why E-Singapore Math is Better than Textbooks

1. High quality Singapore Math instruction is consistent

The quality of a Singapore Math curriculum must always be a major part of the decision-making process for homeschoolers and school districts alike. Unlike other vendors that exclusively focus math learning on silly games and mindless practice, our virtual curriculum includes pedagogically sound kid-friendly videos and provides high quality Singapore Math instruction for each topic, unit and grade in K-5.  

Our Singapore Math online lessons follow the famous Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract learning progression that’s proven to help young students develop conceptual understanding of each topic and unit in every grade level. You can be assured that high-quality instruction is consistent in each grade.

Our virtual Singapore Math curriculum, video tutorials and problem-solving sets were all developed by educators in Singapore, based on the curriculum approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education. The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) has been consistently ranking Singapore as the world’s number one producer of top performing math students for the last 25 years.

2. Easy to use

E-Singapore Math is easy to use, navigate and search. Both teachers and students can easily and efficiently find specific information on each mathematical concept, topic and unit. Our online platform provides students with multiple opportunities to interact with the content, review and practice. These features enable students to take ownership of their learning in their own hands and we have seen a steady increase in the number of both students and educators who are benefiting from these features.

3. Cost savings

In recent years, the soaring cost of textbooks has added a significant financial burden to educating students across the board, including the rising costs for both schools and homeschoolers.  It’s not unusual for schooling parents to face hundreds or even thousands of dollars in textbook costs per year. In purchasing Singapore Math materials for one child in only one grade, parents may spend upwards of $200 on a typical in-print Singapore Math curriculum consisting of textbooks, workbooks, assessments, and Teacher Guides.

Our virtual curriculum is a lot less expensive than in-print Singapore Math programs and it includes access to all six grades in K-5. In addition, homeschoolers who have two or more children may receive discounts of as much as 50% and prices are even lower for schools, making the program a lot more affordable and accessible for students. Also, homeschoolers and school districts can save more money by eliminating the need for any additional in-print classroom materials.

4. Instant instruction - learn at your own pace anywhere, anytime!

One of the most significant benefits of E-Singapore Math is convenience. Unlike learning Singapore Math from a textbook, our virtual program allows students to study wherever and whenever they want. Students don’t have to deal with commuting and heavy traffic, and they can study from the comfort of their home if they wish.

E-Singapore Math gives students the option to study in a setting that is most conducive for them. Whether it’s at home, in the library, on the road or at the park, all that’s needed to learn Singapore Math is a laptop or tablet with a reliable internet connection.

5. Practice makes perfect – anywhere, 24/7

Learning math generally requires practice and repetition to master. E-Singapore Math is an optimal platform for practicing math because it provides students with convenient access to practice and review 24/7. Practice makes perfect, and your students will get a lot more practice through accessing Singapore Math anywhere, anytime.

6. Students have more fun

E-Singapore Math is more fun for students than textbooks, and by extension, math learning becomes more fun. We have seen a steady increase in the number of both students, teachers, and homeschoolers who find learning with virtual Singapore Math to be more enjoyable than learning from textbooks.

7. Increased motivation

The online program includes kid-friendly instructional videos that can increase a student's attentiveness, motivation, creativity, and engagement with the curriculum. Many educators and homeschoolers believe that E-Singapore Math can make their students more motivated to learn math, both within and without the classroom.

8. Students are able to learn faster

The Singapore Math digital content is more useful than traditional textbooks. Research shows that technology-based instruction can reduce the amount of time it takes students to achieve learning objectives by as much as 80%. E-Singapore Math provides students with access to high quality instruction and a state-of-the art technology platform that enable them to learn at their own pace and achieve well beyond their grade level.

9. Customization of teaching and learning

E-Singapore Math accommodates more learning styles than traditional textbooks. With E-Singapore Math teachers can customize student learning by easily adapting lessons to a student's individual learning style for on-target, enrichment or remedial work.

10. There is less pressure

Learning math can be stressful for some students, especially if math is not their favorite subject. Young students have different ways of dealing with pressure, especially in a school that creates a competitive environment. Some young learners don’t respond well to the pressure in the traditional classroom environment. With E-Singapore Math, students learn from kid-friendly instructional tutorials and practice in an environment that is suitable for learning and not focused on competing with others.

11. E-Singapore Math is an effective classroom tool

The E-Singapore Math online curriculum includes over 1,000 lessons and over 30,000 exercises and assessments. These carefully designed resources help educators understand Singapore Math pedagogy and enable them to properly teach math concepts, assess students’ knowledge, and provide additional support outside the classroom.  

12. Well-designed instructional technology supports metacognitive thinking

E-Singapore Math’s LMS is very easy-to-use and it allows teachers to assign homework and independent practice, differentiate instruction, collect data, assess students, plan lessons, and report students’ progress.

The instructional tutorials are supported by narrations, so students can hear the text of word problems and the definitions of mathematical concepts. Also, the instructional tutorials alternative solutions and “check for understanding” elements help develop student metacognitive thinking.

13. Helping students stay organized

E-Singapore Math holds student's homework, practice, enrichment, and remedial exercises. This will help students stay organized, as they will not have to keep track of multiple assignments on paper.

14. Helping struggling learners

Research studies indicate that well-designed instructional technology really works to lessen or even eliminate knowledge gaps among diverse groups of learners. E-Singapore Math online lessons can enhance students’ understanding of math and help underachieving students close the gap with their peers.

15. Helping ELL learners

Research suggests that online learning can be an effective classroom tool, especially for students with English as a second language who struggle to engage with in-print textbooks and traditional lessons. E-Singapore Math content is supported by helpful features including visualizations, vocabulary, and narrations, so students can hear the text read aloud.

16. Staying up-to-date

Unlike print textbooks, E-Singapore Math is updated continuously. With printed textbooks, parents and teachers have to regularly purchase new editions and consumable workbooks, whereas E-Singapore Math eliminates the need for parents and teachers to constantly purchase new materials.

17. Portability

Students can carry a years’ worth of Singapore Math textbooks around without needing heavy backpacks. IPads and other hand-held devices may only weigh a few pounds. Rather than carrying around heavy textbooks and workbooks, students can access all K-5 textbooks, exercises, and assessments on one lightweight device.

Students and teachers can also easily switch learning from one tablet to another, making the transfer of files unnecessary, because student records are securely stored on the E-Singapore Math server that students and teachers can access from other devices.

18. Reducing waste

Imagine if we could completely eliminate the need for paper assignments, workbooks, and handouts? The massive consumption of paper hurts our environment, and it's a financial burden on homeschoolers. Also, schools spend a significant amount of money on paper, toner and ink each month, and if you include the expense of printers, the costs are even higher.

19. Our E-Singapore Math program is authentic

Not all Singapore-based math curricula are made equal. Some programs were created and tested in Singapore and some were never used in Singapore’s classrooms. Our E-Singapore Math curriculum is the authentic Singapore Math program that was developed by educators in Singapore based on the curriculum approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

20. Better job opportunities

Technology use is increasing worldwide and many of the highest-paying jobs and fastest-growing fields in America are technology-based. E-Singapore Math will prepare students to work with technology early in their school years. Students who start using technology early and become proficient in technology will enjoy better job opportunities in the future.

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