Count to 10 - Nurturing Mathematical Intuition the Right Way

Mathematical Intuition - understanding numbers easily
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The journey of understanding math starts when kids are really little, and it's super important for their future success in school. Learning how to count to 10 in Pre-K and Kindergarten are the first steps in learning math. Just like building a tower with blocks, learning math early on needs a strong foundation. 

Mathematical intuition means understanding how numbers work together. Starting with count from 1 to 10 to learn about numbers helps kids picture math problems in their heads and solve them easily when they get older.

Learning How to Count to 10

Learning math in Pre-K and Kindergarten is a bit like building that tower. Understanding ways to count to 10 helps young students learn how numbers work together, like understanding that if you have 3 blocks and you add 2 more, you have 5 blocks. And vice versa, if you have a tower of 5 blocks, then you can break it into smaller blocks of different configurations (i.e. 5-1, 5-2).

Putting numbers together and taking them apart

Getting really good at counting from 1 to 10 is only one important part of your child's math journey in Pre-K and Kindergarten. There are a couple more important things they'll learn too! One is called "subitizing," which means being able to quickly see how many things there are without having to count them one by one. 

Another thing is learning how to break numbers down into smaller parts and put them back together. In this article, we'll talk about how we help kids get really good at counting to 10 and how practicing helps them with subitizing and putting numbers together and taking them apart.

Counting Up to 10: The Start of Math Skills 

Being able to count up to 10 might seem easy, but it's super important for your child's math skills. It's like the first step in understanding numbers and how they work together. With the E-Singapore Math program, kids get a step-by-step guide to mastering counting numbers 1 to 10. They'll practice counting all sorts of things, like beans or buttons, which helps them get really good at it and feel confident with math.

Fun Videos: Exciting and Interactive Learning

The E-Singapore Math program has fun videos that teach kids how to count 1 to 10 and beyond. They use bright colors and cool activities to make learning numbers super fun. Watching these videos gets kids excited about numbers and makes them want to learn more. It's like going on an adventure with math!

Practice with Ten Frames: Seeing Numbers Clearly

After watching the video, kids get to practice with something called ten frames. These are like little boxes that help kids see numbers in a cool way. By using ten frames, kids learn how to count to 10, how numbers are put together, and how they relate to each other. It's like a fun puzzle that helps them understand numbers better and get really good at counting 0 to 10.

Practicing with ten frames also helps kids with subitizing. Subitizing is when kids can look at a group of things and know how many there are right away, without having to count them one by one. It's like having a superpower for numbers! When kids can do this, they understand numbers even more and can solve math problems easier. It's a really cool skill that helps them become better at math!

For example, let's see how students learn to instantly recognize the number 6 on a ten frame. A ten frame shows a picture with two rows, and each row can hold up to 5 things. So, when we show the number 6, we fill up the first row with 5 things, like counting your fingers on one hand. Then, we add one more thing to the second row.

So, when we look at the ten frame and see 5 things on the top row and 1 thing on the bottom row, we know that's the number 6. That’s how kids can see it right away without even counting each thing one by one.

Counting and Breaking Down Numbers: Learning Through Games

Counting to 10 activities include playing a fun game where kids get to count and put numbers together or take them apart. They use something called a number bond, which is like a special puzzle for numbers. 

This 10 count exercise game for kindergarten helps young students think really hard and solve problems while they practice putting numbers together and breaking them apart. Putting numbers together is called composing. It's like when you have two smaller numbers and you put them together to make a bigger number.

Breaking numbers apart is called decomposing. It's like when you have a bigger number and you figure out what smaller numbers you can make from it. For example, you can break the number 6 into 2 and 4.

When kids learn to decompose numbers, they understand how numbers work together even better. This helps them with harder math later on. It's like building a strong foundation for math, so they can learn even more cool stuff as they grow!

Wrap-Up: Growing Math Skills

To sum it all up, learning numbers counting 1 to 10 is really important for kids in Kindergarten. With the help of the E-Singapore Math program, they get to do all sorts of fun activities that make learning numbers super easy! They watch cool videos, practice with ten frames, and play fun games that help them understand numbers better. This sets them up for doing even cooler math stuff in the future!

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