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User Support for Parents

Is there any help available on using your program?

Absolutely! We provide support via emails. We also maintain an extensive Q&A page where parents can find answers to most of their questions.

Lost or forgotten your eSingapore Math password?

Follow these steps:
Click Login – Forgot Password – Type your email in the form and click Submit. You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password.


Videos and Program Walkthrough for Parents

Is there a video for parents that shows how to best use eSingapore Math to teach my child?

Yes, follow the link below to watch the video for parents new to eSingapore Math. It provides both an independent review of our program and walkthrough on how to best use our program.


Diagnostic Assessment

How does your Diagnostic Assessment work?

The diagnostic assessment is like a friendly checkup for your child's math skills. It's split into 8 smaller tests, each focusing on important math topics for young learners. This way, we can understand what your child knows really well and find any areas that might need a bit more attention. 

The best part? Each test only takes about 15 to 30 minutes, so it's not too long or stressful for your child. We're looking at how well your child knows things like numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more. It's a quick and helpful way to make sure your child is on the right track with math! 

My child took the Diagnostic Assessment but I don’t see the results in my parent portal – can you help?

Ensure your child answers all questions on the test and finishes the Diagnostic Assessment.

What if my child made a few silly mistakes on the diagnostic assessment?

Have your child redo the diagnostic assessment. Login into your parent portal and click on Re-diagnose next to the test.

How do I reset a diagnostic test for my child?

To reset the diagnostic assessment, login into your parent portal and then click "Re-Diagnose" next to the assessment.

Can I adjust the placement of my child?

If you feel like your child might be in the wrong learning level, you can do another quick check. Just log in to your parent portal, and you'll see an option that says "Re-diagnose" next to the test. Click on that, and it will give us a fresh look at where your child is at.

How do I interpret information from the diagnostic assessment?

The diagnostic assessment helps figure out what your child already knows and how ready they are to learn new math stuff. Based on how they do, the program will pick just the right lessons for them. It's like a customized plan to make sure they're learning at their own speed and level.

How much time does my child need for the diagnostic assessment?

Your child should be able to finish the initial diagnostic assessment in about 15 to 30 minutes.

I logged in, but I'm unsure how to begin the diagnostic assessment for my child. What should I do?

The welcome email contains two logins: one for you (parent) and one for your child. Use your child's login to start the diagnostic assessment, not your parent account. Once logged in, your child will be guided to begin the diagnostic assessment.

My child's Diagnostic Assessment shows different Grade levels in various sections. What does this mean?

The assessment evaluates your child's grasp of key concepts from K-5. For instance, your Grade 3 child might excel in Geometry at a Grade 3 level but need reinforcement in Grade 2-level addition and subtraction. The adaptive curriculum addresses these gaps, tailoring lessons accordingly.


Personalized Learning

My child's skills span different grade levels. Can eSingapore Math accommodate this?

Absolutely! Opt for the Platinum plan and choose the Adaptive Learning path. Following the diagnostic assessment, the program tailors lessons to match your child's individual readiness level.

My high schooler is at a primary math level due to a learning difference. What eSingapore Math level should I choose?

For tailored learning, go for the Platinum plan and opt for the Adaptive Learning path. Post-diagnostic assessment, the program customizes lessons based on your child's readiness level.

What if my child finds the content too easy?

If you've chosen the Adaptive Learning path, encourage your child to retake the diagnostic assessment. Access your parent portal, click on "Re-diagnose" next to the test.

Additionally, explore all K-5 content in your child's account. For example, if you want your child to delve into Grade 5 material beyond the adaptive path, simply click on Grade 5 and choose specific units, topics, and lessons.

How many lessons should my child complete each day using the adaptive learning path?

For our very young learners in Kindergarten and Grade 1, we suggest spending about 15-20 minutes online each day, completing one lesson. As for students in Grades 2-5, we recommend dedicating around 30-40 minutes daily, which typically covers 1-2 lessons depending on the topic. It's good to take short breaks between lessons. Keep in mind that some lessons might be more challenging or longer due to additional practice and games. If your child takes more time on a particular lesson, completing one lesson per day is still a great pace.

Why can’t my child move to another topic when following the Adaptive Learning Path?

In Singapore Math, mastery is key. This means your child needs to fully grasp and master a topic before advancing to a different unit or a more advanced concept. For instance, they must first excel in addition and subtraction before moving on to multiplication.

The adaptive path begins with a diagnostic assessment, setting a specific learning progression. Once initiated, this progression covers all lessons and practice sets within a given topic and unit, ensuring your child achieves mastery. However, as a parent, you have the flexibility to supplement your child's learning by providing lessons outside of the adaptive path. For instance, if you think it's the right time, your child can explore lessons on geometry, measurement, or other topics alongside the adaptive learning path.

Why doesn't the Adaptive Program let my child move to a new lesson or skip one?

In Singapore Math, mastery is crucial. When your child follows the Adaptive Learning path, they can proceed to the next lesson only after scoring 80% or higher on the previous one. This ensures a solid understanding of concepts before moving forward.

Can my child advance quickly through one grade to the next?

Yes, your child can advance quickly through grades using Adaptive Learning in eSingapore Math. The program's personalized approach allows for accelerated progress as it adapts to your child's mastery of concepts. 

If your child demonstrates a strong understanding of topics, the system will efficiently move them forward, ensuring a pace that aligns with their abilities and promotes continuous learning.

Can my child access the lessons in a specific order, following the Grade's chapter sequence instead of the adaptive learning path?

Yes, you can guide your child to follow the Grade's chapter sequence. To do this, log into your child's account, click on "Program," choose the corresponding Grade level, and then select a specific unit/topic along with the lessons in the desired order.

What's the difference between Adaptive Learning and Grade-level lessons?

In E-Singapore Math the Adaptive Learning Path is tailored to your child’s individual progress and needs. The lessons adjust based on your child’s diagnostic assessments in different areas (Understanding of Numbers, Fractions, etc.). On the other hand, the individual grade-level program lessons provide grade appropriate content without the adaptive feature.

 To decide which section your child should complete each day, you may consider incorporating a mix of both. The Adaptive Learning lessons offer personalized challenges, while the grade-level program lessons provide comprehensive coverage of the curriculum. Feel free to experiment with a balance that suits your child’s learning style and needs.

How to interpret the Points that students receive on the Levels Overview Dashboard?

The points students receive on the Levels Overview Dashboard correspond to their progress in mastering the 8 key conceptual areas of the Primary Grades Singapore Math curriculum. These areas include Understanding of Numbers, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Geometry, Measurement, Decimals/Percentage/Ratio, and Data/Money/Time.

Points are awarded to students upon completing each lesson and topic within these conceptual areas. Each area varies in difficulty and required learning time, so the points allocated differ accordingly.

Each unit within a conceptual area is assigned a coefficient based on its complexity and expected mastery time. Components of the lesson, such as video instruction, assisted practice, benchmark practice, and games, are then assigned points ranging from 0.5 to 2 based on their significance to the learning process.

Students earn points only when they complete every aspect of a lesson, including video instruction and both sets of practice exercises. Incomplete practice or video sections result in no points awarded for that component. Upon completing 100% of lessons, including all practice sets and games within a conceptual area, students receive the total points allotted for that area.

What is the learning progression of the Adaptive Learning path?

Singapore Math in grades K-5 organizes topics into 4 essential and 4 less critical areas. Students begin by mastering all important topics within a grade before moving on to the less critical ones. Once they have completed this progression for a grade level, they advance to the next grade.

Why is my child studying topics from different grade levels following the Diagnostic Assessment?

The program assesses your child on each topic individually across Kindergarten to Grade 5. For example, if you choose Grade 4 to begin the test, the program will present questions from Grade 4. If your child answers these questions incorrectly, the program will then assess their understanding of the topic at lower grade levels. Consequently, your child may be placed into a lower grade level or assigned lessons covering topics from different grade levels based on their proficiency in specific areas.


Compatibility with Dimensions Math Books

What benefits does eSingapore Math bring to Dimensions Math users?

eSingapore Math enhances the Dimensions Math experience by providing adaptive learning, video instruction, and gamified practice. It offers a personalized approach that aligns with and supports the Dimensions Math curriculum.

Is E-Singapore Math compatible with Dimensions Math?

Yes, E-Singapore Math is compatible with Dimensions Math. We offer the Dimensions edition that covers the same concepts while providing different exercises tailored to the programs program's requirements. 

Please note that while our program aligns with Dimensions Math, it's essential to be aware that Dimensions Math was created in the United States and differs somewhat from the authentic Singapore Math curriculum.

Can I use the eSingapore content alongside the Dimensions textbook?

Yes, our online program can be used as a supplement to the print textbook. While it doesn't exactly mirror the Dimensions Math textbook, you can follow along with the online product to reinforce and complement the concepts covered in the textbook. The online program provides a personalized learning path, video instruction, and gamified practice to enhance the overall learning experience.

How can I incorporate your program with the Dimensions workbooks if they don’t perfectly match your lessons?

E-Singapore Math is designed to align with the Dimensions Math workbooks based on concepts and chapters, rather than individual lessons. You can effectively utilize E-Singapore Math as your primary program and complement it with the Dimensions workbooks to enhance your child's learning experience.

Alternatively, you have flexibility in choosing the Dimensions textbook as your main program and then enhancing your child's learning with E-Singapore Math.

Can E-Singapore Math provide instructional video support for homeschoolers using Dimensions Math?

Certainly! E-Singapore Math offers instructional video support for almost every concept covered in Dimensions Math. You can access video tutorials for various topics and lessons that align with the textbook your child is using in school or at home.

If I choose E-Singapore Math as the default program, can I still use the Dimensions edition to ensure on-grade level learning and practice?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to switch the program's default setting whenever you want. Simply log in to your parent account and choose the edition that best suits your preferences.

How do I match eSingapore with Dimensions Math?

To align with Dimensions Math, log in to your parent account and choose the Dimensions edition.

If I opt for eSingapore Math over Dimensions Math, will the teaching method remain the same? Is the only distinction in the Scope/Sequence and the timing of when concepts are introduced?

Yes, the teaching method remains identical. The sole difference lies in the Scope and Sequence, determining the order and timing of when concepts are presented.

We currently use Dimensions Math books for homeschooling. If we decide to switch to eSingapore will my children need to repeat content they've already learned in prior grades or start from the beginning?

If your children have already mastered the content from previous grades, they won't need to repeat it. However, if there are gaps in their prior knowledge, the adaptive program will guide them to review any content from earlier grades that they haven't mastered yet. The best way to determine this is by having your children take the Diagnostic Assessment.

Is Dimensions Math personalized for individual learning?

No, personalized learning is exclusive to our core edition, E-Singapore Math. Our personalized program aligns with the authentic Singapore Math syllabus, unlike Dimensions Math. It's important to note that Dimensions Math was not created or used in Singapore, and therefore, its effectiveness and reliability have not been verified through the Singaporean educational system.


Compatibility with Primary Mathematics Books

What advantages does eSingapore Math bring to Primary Mathematics users?

eSingapore Math enriches the Primary Mathematics experience by offering adaptive learning, video instruction, and gamified practice. It provides a personalized learning approach that aligns with and supports the Primary Mathematics curriculum.

Can I integrate eSingapore Math into my Primary Mathematics homeschooling plan?

Absolutely! eSingapore Math is crafted to integrate smoothly with your Primary Mathematics homeschooling plan, providing extra resources and a personalized learning path that complements the Primary Mathematics curriculum.

How can I incorporate your program with the Primary Mathematics student books if they don’t perfectly match your lessons?

While eSingapore Math doesn't perfectly mirror the Primary Mathematics student books, it aligns with the curriculum and covers the same concepts. To incorporate both, use the eSingapore Math lessons for video instruction and gamified practice, and refer to the Primary Mathematics student books for additional examples and exercises. The combination allows for a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

You also have the option to make the Primary Math books your primary program and complement your child's education with E-Singapore Math for added enrichment.

Is Primary Mathematics personalized for individual learning?

No, Primary Mathematics does not offer personalized learning. The personalized learning path is a unique feature exclusively provided in our core edition, E-Singapore Math. Our personalized program stands out for its commitment to delivering a customized and effective learning experience for individual students, a characteristic not present in Primary Mathematics.


Compatibility with Math in Focus Books

How does eSingapore Math align with the Math in Focus curriculum?

E-Singapore Math complements the Math in Focus curriculum, offering a personalized learning path that adapts to your child's needs. While it may not perfectly match the lessons in Math in Focus student books, our program provides additional practice, gamified exercises, and personalized lessons to enhance your child's understanding of math concepts.

Can I use eSingapore Math alongside Math in Focus, even if they have differences in their approach?

Yes, you can! E-Singapore Math is designed to work alongside Math in Focus. While there might be variations in their approaches, our program's adaptive learning path allows it to align seamlessly with Math in Focus, providing your child with personalized lessons and extra practice to reinforce key concepts.

How can I make the most of eSingapore Math while using Math in Focus as the primary curriculum?

You have the flexibility to make Math in Focus your main program and enhance your child's learning with E-Singapore Math. The adaptive nature of our program allows it to integrate smoothly with Math in Focus, providing additional support, gamified exercises, and targeted lessons to supplement your child's math education.

Does Math in Focus Offer Personalized Learning?

No, Math in Focus does not offer a personalized learning path for individual students. The personalized learning path is a unique feature provided exclusively in our core edition, E-Singapore Math. It's important to note that Math in Focus was never taught in Singapore, and as a result, its effectiveness and reliability have not been tested there.


Compatibility with Eureka Math

What benefits does eSingapore Math bring to Eureka Math users?

E-Singapore Math brings several benefits to Eureka Math users. It complements Eureka Math by providing a personalized learning experience with adaptive lessons tailored to your child's needs.

While Eureka Math offers black and white worksheets, eSingapore Math adds targeted lessons and gamified exercises, enhancing engagement and understanding. The combination of both programs creates a well-rounded math education for your child.

Can I use E-Singapore Math alongside Eureka Math, even though they have differences in their format?

Absolutely! E-Singapore Math is designed to seamlessly integrate with Eureka Math. Despite differences in format, our program's adaptive learning path aligns with Eureka Math, offering personalized lessons and additional practice to augment your child's math education, making it a valuable supplement to Eureka Math.

How can I incorporate E-Singapore Math into my child's education when using Eureka Math as the primary curriculum?

You have the flexibility to make Eureka Math your primary curriculum and enhance your child's learning with E-Singapore Math. While Eureka Math provides black and white worksheets, our program offers a personalized learning path, gamified exercises, and targeted lessons to complement Eureka Math and provide your child with a well-rounded math education.

Does Eureka Math Offer Personalized Learning?

No, Eureka Math does not offer personalized learning. The personalized learning path is a distinctive feature provided exclusively in our core edition, E-Singapore Math. Our personalized program is designed to offer a unique and tailored learning experience for individual students, a feature not found in Eureka Math.



If I decide to cancel the subscription before the year is up, will I receive a refund?

We provide a free trial of the E-Singapore Math program, allowing parents to make an informed decision before committing to a purchase. You can cancel your subscription without any cost or obligation during the trial period. However, please note that we don't offer refunds once the free trial period has expired.

How can I renew my subscription?

If your subscription was active in the last 30 days, you can renew it by updating your payment information on your User Profile page.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on your User Profile page.

How do I update my credit card information if it expires?

To update your credit card information, wait until your subscription expires. After that, log in to your account and update your credit card information.

How do I reactivate my subscription after it expires?

You have only one week from the expiration date to reactivate your subscription. After that, all student data will be deleted. To reactivate your plan, log in to your account and update your credit card information.

Does the subscription allow access to all grade levels for multiple children?

The Gold and Platinum plans offer access to all grade levels for one child. You can include additional children on the same family plan at a 50% discount.

I would like to try eSingapore for 5 days - can I cancel the subscription if we opt not to continue?

Yes, absolutely! You have the flexibility to try out the program for free, and if you choose not to continue, you can cancel the subscription within the 5-day trial without any obligation or charges.

Is the program access valid for one year from the start date, or is it based on the calendar year?

You will have access to the program for one year starting from the date you begin using it.

Can I access the free trial without providing my credit card information?

No, to sign up for the free trial, you need to provide your credit card information. However, you can cancel within the first 5 days of the trial to avoid any charges, and your personal information will be deleted if you choose to cancel during this period.


Curriculum Comparison

Which edition of Singapore Math is better?

The E-Singapore Math edition stands out as superior to other editions due to its exclusive access to the personalized learning path. This unique feature is built on the authentic Singapore Math syllabus, a curriculum proven effective in Singapore. Unlike other editions, such as Dimensions Math, Math in Focus, and Eureka Math, the E-Singapore Math edition has been tested and refined in the Singapore education system, ensuring its effectiveness and reliability.

The personalized learning path in E-Singapore Math is tailored to each student's individual needs, providing targeted instruction based on their proficiency. This personalized approach enhances the learning experience, addressing specific areas of strength and improvement. The absence of this feature in other editions means they lack the adaptability and tailored support crucial for young learners.

What are the differences among Esingapore math, Dimensions, Math in Focus, Primary Math, and Eureka?

All four Singapore Math programs—Esingapore Math, Dimensions, Math in Focus, Primary Math, and Eureka—share a common foundation in the effective Singapore Math method. While they differ in cost, ease of use, and the use of technology, they all focus on mastery, include bar modeling, and prepare students for advanced math.

Choose a curriculum based on your budget, preferences, and desired learning environment, considering factors like personalized learning options and alignment with educational standards.

To explore the distinctions between the Singapore Math programs, check out our blog articles using the links provided below:

I've subscribed to the program and noticed various options like Esingapore, Dimensions, Math in Focus, Primary Math, and Eureka. Which one is the best choice for homeschooling?

If you're not using any Singapore textbooks, opt for our core program, E-Singapore Math, which is a complete curriculum for K-5 and doesn't require switching between editions. If you're using Singapore textbooks from Dimensions, Eureka, Math in Focus, or Primary Mathematics, then choose the corresponding edition of our program.


Multiple Children

Can we sign up all of our children on the same family plan? Or do we have to sign up each child individually?

You should sign up all your children on the same family plan to maximize savings. We provide a 50% discount for adding more children on the plan.

I have two children who will be doing the program - can I have two profiles within one family plan?

Yes, you can register two or more children under the same family plan. After registering the first child, you can add a sibling at a 50% discount.

How many children can I enroll in the Platinum plan?

The Platinum plan allows you to register up to 5 children. Once you've enrolled the first child, you'll receive a 50% discount for adding extra children to the Platinum package.


General Program Information

How is ESingapore Math a complete curriculum for teaching elementary mathematics?

ESingapore Math is a comprehensive online curriculum designed for Kindergarten to Grade 5, providing everything homeschooling parents need to teach elementary mathematics. Covering all essential concepts in-depth, the program is personalized and it offers instructional video tutorials, guided practice, games, and assessments.

How can the personalized learning path benefit parents?

The personalized learning path was designed to assist parents, many of whom may be unfamiliar with the Singapore Math method. By offering a personalized learning path, we aim to simplify the learning process, allowing parents to easily implement the Singapore Math program without delving into intricate details.

How can ESingapore Math benefit my children?

With a personalized adaptive learning path, the program tailors lessons to your child's individual needs, fostering independent learning and mastery. No additional textbooks or workbooks are required, making it a convenient and effective choice for a complete homeschooling math program.

As a homeschooling parent unsure about teaching math, is eSingapore suitable for my family?

Absolutely! eSingapore is well-suited for your family. It offers instructional video tutorials in every lesson, along with extensive practice, including engaging games. Opting for the Platinum plan ensures personalized learning for your children.

Will my children be able to study independently?

Yes. eSingapore Math is designed to facilitate independent study for children. The program begins with a diagnostic assessment, adapting to each child's individual knowledge and skills.

The benefits of eSingapore Math for independent study include tailored lessons, video instruction, and gamified practice, fostering self-paced learning and mastery. This personalized approach allows children to progress at their own pace, building a strong foundation in math concepts.

My child attends a school that teaches Singapore Math, but she's struggling. Can you help?

Certainly! Our Singapore Math Personalized Program is specifically designed to assist struggling learners and help them catch up and progress. The Platinum plan offers the Adaptive Learning Path, which begins with a diagnostic assessment. Based on the results, the program adjusts to provide lessons tailored to your child's current level, facilitating effective learning.

I'm homeschooling and considering a switch to Singapore Math from another program – should we begin from the start?

Typically, starting from the beginning is not necessary, as young children often possess foundational knowledge applicable to problem-solving. To determine your child's exact level, it's beneficial for them to take a placement test. To facilitate this, sign up for the Platinum plan and opt for the Adaptive Learning path. Our Personalized program will initiate with a diagnostic assessment, offering lessons precisely tailored to your child's current understanding.

Can eSingapore Math help my child transition smoothly to Singapore Math when changing schools?

Absolutely! We understand that transitioning to a new math curriculum can be a concern, but we're here to support your child's smooth adjustment to Singapore Math.

Our E-Singapore Math program is designed to cater to students of various proficiency levels. Here's how we can help your child in preparing for the switch:

  1. Adaptive Learning Path: Our program adapts to your child's individual needs. It starts with a diagnostic assessment, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. The adaptive learning path then tailors lessons accordingly, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: We offer a complete Singapore Math curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 5. Your child can explore and practice a wide range of mathematical concepts.
  3. Guided Instruction: Our instructional videos and guided practice sessions help students understand mathematical concepts step-by-step. Your child can revisit topics, reinforce understanding, and build a solid foundation.
  4. Engaging Practice: Gamified practice sessions make learning enjoyable. Your child can reinforce skills through various activities, promoting both understanding and retention. 
  5. Progress Monitoring: As a parent, you'll have access to progress reports and analytics. This allows you to track your child's development and focus on specific areas that may need additional attention. 

By using E-Singapore Math only 15 to 30 min per day, your child can quickly gain confidence and competence in the Singapore Math methodology. Sign up for the free trial and explore the program with your child:

Do I need a teacher for my child if I'm not trained in the Singapore methods?

If you're not familiar with Singapore methods, don't worry! The Platinum plan acts like having a teacher for your child. It assesses your child with a diagnostic test and tailors lessons to their readiness level.

Does eSingapore cover what's in the Singapore Math books?

Yes, the E-Singapore Math curriculum, developed in Singapore, aligns with the Singapore Math syllabus and covers all the concepts and topics found in the Singapore Math books.

Is eSingapore Math different from the Singapore Math books?

No, eSingapore Math is the same curriculum found in the Singapore Math books, covering identical concepts and topics. The distinction lies in eSingapore's personalized approach, adapting to your child's needs, and offering additional features like video instruction and games, enhancing the learning experience beyond traditional textbooks.

If I want to use a hard copy version of Singapore Math along with eSingapore, which edition would be the most suitable?

If you prefer a hard copy version of Singapore Math to use alongside eSingapore Math, the Primary Math student books and workbooks are the most compatible option.

Do I need to buy any textbooks and workbooks with E-Singapore Math?

No, you don't. E-Singapore Math is a complete online curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 5, eliminating the need for textbooks and workbooks. While all learning is conducted online, if you prefer additional pen-and-pencil practice, you have the option to purchase physical workbooks.

Does eSingapore Math include challenging problems?

Absolutely! E-Singapore Math provides sets of optional challenging problems in each unit and grade. These questions encourage "productive struggle" and help students build perseverance.

Is there extra practice and drilling available in the eSingapore program?

Absolutely! We offer gamified practice in various units and grades. To access it, log into your child’s account, click "More" at the bottom of the left-hand menu, then click "Games," and choose your desired Grade, unit/topic, and corresponding game.

Does eSingapore provide printable worksheets or a corresponding book?

E-Singapore Math is designed to be an online interactive platform, offering dynamic and engaging learning experience. While we don't provide printable worksheets or corresponding physical books, the platform is created to provide a comprehensive digital learning environment. 

I’m looking for a Summer math program – is eSingapore a good fit?

Yes. E-Singapore Math is an excellent choice for a Summer math program, especially for students needing catch-up or review. The adaptive learning path, beginning with a diagnostic assessment, ensures personalized lessons based on your child’s needs. With the flexibility to progress at their own pace, students can engage in remediation or review without pressure. Opting for the Platinum plan is recommended for the full benefits.

What happens if a child gives an incorrect answer during practice?

In gamified practice, students have two chances to choose the correct answer, while in regular practice exercises, they get one attempt. Subsequently, the system records student responses and provides results and scores.

Should students use calculators and/or pen and paper?

The use of calculators and pen and paper depends on the unit and lesson. In eSingapore, there are lessons specifically designed to develop mental math skills. In these lessons, students should not use calculators or pen and paper for exercises.

However, in lessons involving complex operations, such as addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers with regrouping, or multiplication/division with large numbers, students may use pen and paper for calculations.

Do you have physical learning centers?

No, our program is exclusively online, and we don't have any physical centers.

Does the program automatically adapt to address my child's areas of difficulty?

Yes, the adaptive learning path in eSingapore Math self-adjusts based on the diagnostic assessment, which covers 8 key areas. It tailors the learning experience to address individual weaknesses and provides targeted practice to improve understanding.

Can E-Singapore Math be used in Florida Homeschooling?

Yes. Singapore Math is a leading homeschooling program in Florida. Our personalized program offers a complete math curriculum for grades K-5 and is fully compliant with Florida’s educational laws.

 In accordance with Florida requirements, an accredited homeschooling curriculum must satisfy two key criteria: maintaining records for two years and evaluating students on an annual basis. E-Singapore Math not only meets but exceeds both of these requirements for the Florida homeschooling curriculum.

 E-Singapore Math provides daily logs that detail the concepts learned, practice completed, and actual time students spent learning. Parents can print these reports daily or weekly to include in their homeschooling portfolios. Additionally, students are tested before and after completing each unit of instruction throughout the year and on an annual basis, at the parents' discretion.

 We understand that you may have many questions about homeschooling in Florida, including the teaching process and whether your child needs to take standardized tests. We want you to feel confident in your choice of the E-Singapore program.

Here’s why you should select the E-Singapore Math curriculum as your homeschooling program in Florida:

  • Personalized, engaging, and comprehensive math curriculum for K-5.
  • Daily student logs are maintained throughout the year. Simply print them to add to your homeschooling portfolio.
  • Our program is mastery-based, with students assessed on a daily basis.
  • While we recommend starting with a diagnostic assessment and following the proven curriculum sequence, you have the flexibility to choose which topics and units to learn. You can move back and forth through grade levels, units, and lessons at your convenience
  • Students can learn at home, on the road, or from anywhere 24/7. All you need is a good internet connection and a notebook or handheld device.

Time Commitment

I'm homeschooling with a hectic schedule and prefer minimal involvement – is eSingapore suitable for us?

Absolutely. Our personalized Singapore Math program allows for minimal parental involvement. The Adaptive Learning path begins with a diagnostic assessment, adjusting lessons based on your child's knowledge and skills. Opt for the Platinum plan for the best experience.

How much time per week is needed for children to progress through the eSingapore program?

For young students, we recommend dedicating about 2.5 to 5 hours per week to progress through the eSingapore program. This can be achieved by completing 1 or 2 lessons each day, with each lesson involving an instructional tutorial and two sets of practice exercises, including gamified practice. On average, each lesson takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete.


Access to Program and Games

I signed up for the family plan, but I can't find Adaptive Learning or Games. How can I access them?

If you've signed up for a family plan and are missing access to Adaptive Learning and Games, it's important to verify your plan. The Platinum plan is the only one that grants access to the Adaptive Learning path and Games. The Silver and Gold plans do not include these features.

Can I access eSingapore lessons offline when I don't have an internet connection?

You'll need a stable internet connection as eSingapore lessons cannot be downloaded for offline use.


Teaching Strategies for Homeschooling

How can I actively engage in teaching my child Singapore Math using the program?

If you want to actively teach Singapore Math to your child, start by getting familiar with the program. Learn about the Singapore method, concepts like CPA, number bonds, and more. Determine your child's readiness level, assign specific lessons, and use the program's video instruction, practice, and tests—all the tools you need to be a great Singapore Math teacher!

Where is a teacher lesson for me to introduce concepts along with the digital lesson he sees?

While eSingapore Math doesn't follow a traditional teacher-led lesson format, we provide comprehensive support to parents to facilitate effective home teaching. Here are some resources and suggestions:

  1. Instructional Video Tutorials: Each lesson in eSingapore Math includes an instructional video tutorial. These videos serve as a guide for introducing new concepts to your child. You can watch the videos together and discuss the concepts presented.
  2. Parental Involvement: The program is designed to accommodate different levels of parental involvement. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, consider actively engaging with your child during lessons, asking questions, and providing additional explanations based on your teaching style.
  3. Blog and Resources: Explore our blog for additional insights, tips, and guidance on teaching Singapore Math at home. We often share articles and resources that can assist you in presenting concepts effectively.
  4. Supplementary Materials: If you have specific topics or concepts you'd like to explore further, you can use supplementary materials, such as workbooks or manipulatives, to enhance your child's learning experience.

As a homeschool parent and teacher, I need the ability to assign specific lessons and practice to my students – can I do that in a family plan?

If you wish to assign specific lessons and practice to your students, you would need to switch to a classroom plan or school plan, as these plans allow for lesson assignments.


Singapore Math Tests

Does Singapore Math have tests?

Certainly! The Singapore Math curriculum offers tests from Kindergarten to Grade 5. You'll find pre- and post-tests for each unit, along with intervention tests, grade tests, and challenge question sets in all grade levels.

What is the difference between a Placement test and Grade test?

A Placement test evaluates a student's preparedness before starting a new Grade. On the other hand, a Grade test assesses the depth of knowledge gained after completing the content of that specific Grade.

What are the intervention tests, pre-tests, and post-tests?

A pre-test assesses your child's readiness before starting a new unit, while a post-test evaluates the depth of knowledge acquired after completing that unit. Intervention tests target specific topic gaps, helping identify areas needing further attention in your child's learning journey.


Progress Reports and Tracking

Does the Platinum package monitor each child's progress?

Yes, the Platinum package monitors the progress of each child individually. It offers a personalized learning path, complete with individual logs, statistics, and reports for each child.

How can I view the Adaptive Learning Progress Reports?

Simply log in to your parent account, click "More" at the bottom of the left-hand menu, and then select "Adaptive Learning Progress."

What do the percentages by topic mean in the Adaptive Learning Progress section?

The percentages by topic indicate your child's current understanding of a specific topic. For instance, if there's 50% in Fractions, it means your child knows half of the content in Fractions, leaving another 50% to learn.

How can I monitor my child's daily progress?

To track your child's daily progress, simply log in to your parent portal, navigate to the Reports section, and click on See Activity Log. This report provides a detailed overview of your child's daily work, allowing you to monitor their progress effectively.


Singapore Math Placement Test

Do you have a placement test?

Yes. The Singapore Math placement test is available with the Platinum package.

How can I evaluate my child?

The most effective method is to choose the adaptive learning path. Subsequently, the program will guide your child to take the diagnostic assessment. Additionally, you can decide when to have your child take other tests. We offer pre-tests and post-tests in each unit and grade. For instance, if you want to assess your child's multiplication skills, have them log in to the student portal, navigate to Grade 3, and complete a pre-test in the Understanding of Multiplication unit. Results will be accessible in both your and your child's portal.

How to use the Singapore Math placement test?

To use the Singapore Math placement test, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the Platinum plan with the adaptive learning path. This option tailors the program to your child's level.
Step 2: After your child logs in for the first time, the program will guide them through the placement test. Allocate about 15 to 30 minutes for your child to complete the test.
Step 3: Check your parent portal to view your child's test score. This portal provides an overview of your child's progress.

Ensure your child completes the placement test in one session to get accurate results. If the test isn't finished, the program won't generate results, and intermittent progress might be lost.


Singapore Math Tutor

I’m looking for a Singapore Math tutor – can you help?

Absolutely! Our Adaptive Learning path functions much like private tutoring. In a one-on-one tutoring session, a tutor typically tailors remediation to the student's current knowledge level. Similarly, our Singapore Math Personalized Program starts with a diagnostic assessment and then delivers lessons precisely aligned with your child's current understanding.

While private tutoring rates for a qualified Singapore Math tutor can range from $120 to $180 per hour, our personalized program offers significant cost savings. However, if you ever require private tutoring, we can connect you with a qualified tutor. Please reach out to us for more information.


Singapore Math in PreKindergarten

Do you offer Universal PreKindergarten (UPK) and Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program?

Yes. The Singapore Math curriculum in Prekindergarten, known as Math Karate, focuses on building visualization skills in young learners. It emphasizes activities using five- and ten-frames to help students name quantities without counting, fostering the development of subitizing—the ability to instantly recognize numbers.

Through Math Karate, children engage in activities and games that teach strategies for visualization, classification, composition, decomposition, comparison, addition, and subtraction. These foundational skills are essential for a deep understanding of numbers, number sense, and proficiency in arithmetic operations. For more information and pricing, you can visit East West Math or click on the provided link:


About Singapore Math

Why does Singapore Math work?

Singapore Math works exceptionally well because it simplifies complex mathematical concepts into manageable steps, making it accessible even for parents with limited math skills. By focusing on a few essential topics per grade, it ensures a deep understanding. The program's use of visual aids and real-world scenarios helps children grasp concepts easily, fostering a love for learning math.

Why is Singapore Math better?

Singapore Math stands out as the superior choice for homeschooling parents due to its proven track record. It aligns with the natural learning progression of children and provides a structured approach that eases the teaching burden for parents. The emphasis on understanding over memorization and the incorporation of real-life applications make it an ideal curriculum for building a strong foundation in math.

Why use Singapore Math?

Opting for Singapore Math in homeschooling is a wise decision for parents seeking an effective and user-friendly math curriculum. Its success globally is a testament to its reliability. The program's step-by-step approach, coupled with clear explanations and practical examples, empowers parents, even those without strong math backgrounds, to confidently guide their children through a solid mathematical education.

How long has Singapore Math been around?

Singapore Math has been a staple in math education for several decades, gaining international acclaim for its consistent success. This recognition is crucial for homeschooling parents as it signifies a reliable and proven method that has effectively equipped students worldwide with strong mathematical foundations.

The program's enduring reputation is a testament to its ability to nurture deep understanding and proficiency in mathematics, providing homeschooling parents with a trusted tool for their children's education.

What is Singapore Math Method?

The Singapore Math Method is an approach designed to make math accessible and effective for all students, especially those with varying math skills. For homeschooling parents, this method translates to a practical and intuitive way of teaching math that doesn't require advanced math skills.

By focusing on real-world contexts, visual aids, and gradual abstraction, the method ensures that children not only grasp mathematical concepts but also enjoy the learning process. It's a user-friendly method that empowers homeschooling parents, regardless of their own math proficiency, to guide their children through a solid mathematical foundation.

What is Singapore Math Program?

The Singapore Math Program is the curriculum, which focuses on teaching a small number of important topics in each grade, allowing for an in-depth exploration of mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies. The program aims to deepen students' understanding and achieve mastery in elementary mathematics.

The program's use of visual aids, practical examples, and step-by-step learning ensures that homeschooling parents can confidently guide their children through math, fostering a deep understanding without the need for advanced math knowledge. This program provides a structured and effective approach, making it an ideal choice for homeschooling families seeking a user-friendly math curriculum.

How much does Singapore Math cost?

The cost of Singapore Math can vary significantly depending on the specific program, so it's essential to consider your budget and educational needs.

ESingapore Math offers more cost-effective plans, especially with the Platinum Plan at $99 for access to all grades. In comparison, Primary Mathematics 2022 is roughly $170 per year, Dimensions Math requires an initial investment of over $200 per grade, and Math in Focus 2020 costs about $300 per grade.

What is the Singapore Math curriculum in kindergarten?

The Singapore Math curriculum in Kindergarten focuses on building students' number sense. It emphasizes understanding numbers between 0 to 10 and 10 to 20, with a specific focus on teaching the "number structures of 10 and some more." This lays the foundation for the decimal system, emphasizing instant recognition of numbers within 10 (subitizing) and understanding the structure of numbers like 11 (1 ten and 1 one), 21 (2 tens and 1 one), and so on. The goal is to enable students to apply these foundational strategies to larger numbers as they progress.


Bar Models

What is a bar model?

A bar model or model drawing, is like a visual tool that helps make math problems clearer. Instead of just using numbers, it uses simple drawings or bars to show the different parts of a problem. Imagine it as a picture that helps your child see and understand the math in a problem more easily. It's especially useful for word problems, breaking them down into simpler parts so your child can solve them step by step.

Your child doesn't need to be great at math to use bar models. It's about breaking down the problem into smaller, manageable pieces and drawing a picture to help understand what's happening. This approach helps your child see the math in a more practical and less intimidating way.

What is a tape diagram?

A tape diagram, also known as a bar model or strip diagram, is a way of using a piece of tape to solve math problems. It's like drawing a simple picture that represents the problem, making it less confusing.

Widely employed in elementary school contexts, tape diagrams assist in problem-solving across operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and ratios. It’s a powerful visual aid to solve word problems in Grades 1-5.

How to do Singapore Math word problems?

When it comes to word problems in Singapore Math, you can make it simpler for your child. First, read the problem together and pick out the important information. Then, choose a simple drawing or model that fits the problem. It's like creating a visual guide to make the math clearer. Your child can label the drawing with numbers and use it to figure out the answer step by step. It's not about being a math expert; it's about using a friendly visual approach to make math more understandable and less scary for your child. 


Curriculum Map

How can I view the complete curriculum map for all lessons in eSingapore Math?

To access the comprehensive curriculum map, log in to your child's portal, click on the Program tab in the left menu, then select a specific Grade. You'll find all units listed on the left, with topics and lessons in the middle. This layout remains consistent across all grades. For a detailed exploration, click on each unit, topic, and lesson to delve into the program's content.


Curriculum Format and Resources

How do I teach my child at home if I do not have any book to follow?

Our program is designed to guide you through teaching your child at home, even if you don't have a specific book to follow. Each lesson includes an instructional video tutorial, covering every new topic and concept in grades K-5. After the tutorial, there is assisted and targeted practice. Many lessons also feature games, offering additional targeted and enjoyable practice for mastering concepts.

As a parent, you can choose to provide your child with extra practice by purchasing workbooks from third-party vendors. While we don't endorse any particular vendor, you can explore various options in our blog. For example, you can find more information in the following article on our website:

Why doesn't eSingapore follow the same format as traditional Singapore Math books?

eSingapore Math doesn't mimic a traditional textbook because our program is designed to enhance the learning experience through dynamic digital lessons. In distance learning, it's essential to adapt teaching methods for young students, and our platform goes beyond the limitations of a static book. The personalized and engaging features, including instructional videos, offer a more flexible and interactive approach to support your child's comprehensive math education.

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